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"Toxic Embrace" at

Hi Everyone! We are back in a very cool adventure with Powerdame! Played by Bella Luxx she tries to take down Thrash also played by Calisa Bliss! Unfortunately for our heroine, she bites off more than can she chew (or drink) in this battle.

In this story: Powerdame tracks down the villainess that has created turmoil in her city! Unfortunately, Thash doesn't seem worried as she enjoys the fruits of her criminal behavior. The heroine gives the villain a thorough beating until Thrash decides to share some of her spoils. Powerdame is forced to consumer alcohol and cigar smoke that severely weakens her pure, healthy body and must endure torture and humiliation thrusted upon her by Thrash. Powerdame is beaten, bear hugged, forced to inhale cigar smoke and alcohol, groped, crushed, doused by alcohol all over her body, knocked out multiple times and humiliated by Thrash!

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