Space Agent Dayla
Captain Sparks
UFO Attack
Powerdame: Toxic Affair
Agent Wonder: Avenging Star
Mentallix Unleashed
Nightfox: Gravestone
Powerdame: Revoltz
Ultra Brawl 2
The Black Wasp
Lady Ultra: Ultra Brawl
American Amazon: F
Dynafly: The Horror Below
Arachne Dame: The Spider Strikes
Space Agent Rei
Agent Wonder: Wonder Brawl-4
The Dragon Clause
Space Agent: Jade Moon
Swift Victory
Dark Embrace
Devla:Vampire Sorceress
Fly Trapped
Swift Showdown
Swift Reunion
Ultra Domination
Mind Games
Agent Wonder
Return of Lady Ultra II
Return of Lady Ultra
Lady Ultra: Revenge of the Doctor
Killer Joke
Clawed Intentions
Final Clash
Night Clash
Fly or Die
Power of Vod
Cyber Attack
Web Alert
Shipping and Villainy
Dark Betrayal
Night Drop
Devla's Revenge
Crimson Clash
Megagirl Grim Trials
Swift Outrage
Agent Wonder Deadeye
Swiftgirl: Breakdown
Ultraheroix: Web of Evil
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