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The night sparrow project

"The Night Sparrow Project" is an exciting, new and free feature that we are developing in 2024 for Ultra Heroix! This section will feature Bi-weekly updates on short stories of our featured original super heroine "Night Sparrow".  She will be telling her adventures on her paranormal and crime fighting adventures. What will make this feature so special is that the stories she will tell is from what you fans will create! We will create a section for your art/story submissions featuring her. From your contributions, Night Sparrow will pick the best stories to tell and feature the best art in her bi-weekly video story updates. We hope to have this section fully up and running by Mid-Year 2024.

     We have created her character profile below to assist in your creativity. Aside from the typical crime-fighting stories, we ask that you focus more on paranormal themed content as that is her specialty and passion. We ask that your story and art contributions be in the PG-PG13 but we are flexible if it is on the sexier/ teasing side of things.

     If all goes well, we will eventually have a special member section that will give these followers exclusive access to her video adventures, photo sets and other special treats. Be sure to check here often for updates on the development on this new feature and for special messages from Night Sparrow herself. Send your story, art submissions and any questions to: ! The more content we receive will ensure regular "Night Sparrow" updates!

Superheroine Profile: 

Night Sparrow


Cora Lewis is the secret identity of our heroine. She is a horror writer and Paranormal Researcher by day; writing a number of books on the frightening and bizarre. At night, and when necessary she is the super heroine, Night Sparrow! Besides fighting crime, she investigates and battles paranormal/ mysterious threats and explores unusual, creepy locations. She often uses her encounters at night as material for her books and uses her knowledge and research on the paranormal in her adventures.


In her escapades, she has fought vampires, demons, dangerous cryptids, evil cults and other paranormal/ folklore legends. Although, she doesn’t have the conventional super powers, she does possess a few formidable abilities, skills and resources.

Personality/Character traits:

Cara/Night Sparrow has an outgoing, friendly and flirtatious personality. She is very proactive in her work as a writer/investigator and as a super heroine. She is often busy with her public and secret activities but In her downtime, she enjoys going out for fun and having romantic relations with attractive men and women. When at home, she likes to unwind with Sci-Fi, Horror books and movies or going over her research/case files with a glass of wine and in her favorite, comfortable sweater and tights.


Night Sparrow, possess a special “sixth sense” that allows her to sense ghostly spirits and their intentions, both good and bad. She also has ESP like abilities where she can sense other beings and if they possess evil intentions against her. Sometimes, while at rest she has premonitions of threats to come.



Night Sparrow is a skilled fighter, has excellent research, computer and problem solving skills. She has a vast knowledge of the paranormal and folklore. Skilled in vehicle, especially Motor cycle driving.



She wears a special pendant around her neck that was passed down her family that serves as protection against evil spirits and provides good luck to the wearer. Although, it does not provide 100% protection, any defense it can bestow could mean the difference between life and death.


Night Sparrow also wears a utility belt, that gives easy access to tools and items that the heroine might need, depending on the situation. These items might include herbs, talismans, gadgets, handcuffs, collapsable staff and sometimes a holster for a gun in certain situation when she is hunting dangerous creatures like werewolves.


Night Sparrow uses a special van as a mobile headquarters when she is on investigations to local and rural locations. She has installed a mini computer terminal and transports a motorcycle/dirt bike within the van. She also stores a mini camera drone that she uses for surveillance and to investigate dangerous areas before she enters or to gather evidence. There is also a larger quad-copter drone that can support her weight and in case of emergency, can retrieve her and bring her back to her van or another pre-programmed location. 


Night Sparrow lives and works primarily in New York City but often travels to other parts of the country via her van for her paranormal and other investigations.


Night Sparrow has a secret ally and friend, whose true identity is unknown even to her. He provides tips, leads and information to aid her investigations via texts and emails. His nickname is "Dunwich".

Night Sparrow

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