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Deadly Bites 2

Hi everyone and Happy Halloween!

We are back with a sequel to the smash hit "Deadly Bites". In this adventure we really picked it up a notch as we add another heroine, Wonder Warrior played by Reagan. Also making their return is Enchantress Sahrye as Devla and Calisa Bliss as Megagirl.

In this adventure, Megagirl finds herself as prisoner of Devla, the vampire sorceress. Too weak to escape on her own she is freed by Wonder Warrior. Unfortunately for them, Devla has other plans and turns Megagirl into a vampiric slave and the two overwhelms Wonder Warrior. The two vampires feast and grope the helpless heroine until Devla decides to embark on her true villainous plans. Megagirl and Wonder Warrior is pummeled, drained of their powers and must torturous attacks and seduction from the vampire. Megagirl and Wonder Warrior must endure being seduced, mind-controlled, blasted by dark energy, bitten, knocked out various times, dragged and groped by Devla!

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