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ghost talon Demi.jpg

Ghost Talon


Active in Sol City and other Magical dimensions




Super Strength, Durability, Magic, Teleportation, Flight, Demon sense/detection, body transfer





The heroine known as Ghost Talon was formerly the demonic servant for Devla. Her Demonic name was Grim Talon and she was treacherous as she was evil. Devla soon found this out when she captured Lady Ultra to drain her. Grim Talon turned on her master and it took the combined power of Devla and Lady Ultra to cast her into another dimension. Devla eventually sought revenge against Grim Talon and was able to thrash her foe. Near death the essence of Grim Talon retreated to leave the pure form of Ghost Talon. Ghost Talon had the demonic power of Devla but the pure, courageous heart of Lady Ultra.


Ghost Talon has become a protector of the Earth realm from other demonic realms. Although she hasn't been seen recently, There has been rumors that she has been hunting Devla, thwarting the evil Vampiress plans and has been keeping demons out of our reality. 

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